More About Me, Women Don’t Read This

Hey fellas, and girls that are nosy and love to gossip about what they read in a magazine to their friends. Welcome to this chapter of my story. I like to call it, “what happens in Scottsdale, stays in Scottsdale.” My interest in women began at an early age. I was in chat rooms on AOL flirting with girls and trying to get nude photos of them at age 11. I quickly had my first girl friend at the age of 12 and managed to last in that relationship for 6 months. Fast forward 10 years and one relationship that lasted 2 years when I was age seventeen through nineteen, and here I am. Most would say that it’s silly that I’ve only been in a relationship for for about 2 and a half years of my life. Most would say I’m missing out on something great, like the feeling of love. I’m here to tell you all that stuff is garbage! I come home when I want, do what I want, and you know, whatever else I want!

I couldn’t picture life any other way. I work from home and love to travel. Actually, I shouldn’t say “work “from home”. I can work remotely from any place on the planet that has an internet connection. I also need a computer, ipad, or at worst case scenario, an iphone. Most of the time I do require a lap top but I can still do some pretty amazing shit and make some pretty good money from just an iphone. Anyway, do you know how hard it is to find someone else that can travel whenever they want to? I’ve been trying to find someone as cool as me that can work from anywhere in the world and loves to travel, but that person is hard to find. Most of you are probably saying, “Why don’t you just pay for your spouse to travel with you?” Here’s my response, “I take care of my family first and foremost. I want my mom and dad to live an extremely comfortable retirement and be able to do things that they never would have dreamed possible.” After I take care of them, plus my monthly lifestyle and spending habits, that doesn’t leave a whole lot of extra money. I’m earning good, but I’m definitely not rich.

In case you’re wondering what I do for a living, I own an online marketing firm. We provide lead generation services for small business owners through digital marketing. Digital marketing is just a fancy way of saying that you put advertisements for businesses up on social media and help them easily get found in the search engines. When a customer calls that business because they saw them on social media or in one of the search engines, that company pays me money! It’s a skill that certainly pays the bills, but I don’t really know how big I want to take it. I love having the freedom and flexibility of picking up and going anywhere in the world I want to. I’m trying to learn how to manage an entire business from a laptop with an internet connection, but it’s no easy feat.

P.S. I know if you’re a woman, you still read this article because you saw the headline. This wasn’t that bad, right? I didn’t go into any graphic or incriminating details about my life because I knew you were going to read this because of the title. Gotcha!

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