Looking Like You’re “The Guy”

I recently read a book about how to pick up women. This book was written by a guy that worked for the NY Times but quit his job to follow around, and write about, a pick up artist by the name of Mystery. This guy mystery uses psychology to initiate conversations with women than position himself as an alpha male in order to sleep with them. This guy Mystery eventually went onto host a TV show called The Pickup Artist. The show was outrageously entertaining to watch because he could transform the dorkiest of guys into smooth talking players. Why am I talking about this? Well, Scottsdale is a different breed than most cities I’ve been to. A lot of the guys spend money like they’re rich and a lot of the women go for it only to find out the guy they were with was a joker, and worse than that, a broke joker. I wanted to write this post for the guys out there that think they need to act like they have money to get girls. The reason this is important to me is because I see guys living stressed out lives because they bought a BMW they couldn’t afford to impress people. There’s no sense in living like this because there are plenty of proven ways to get women in Scottsdale without spending a bunch of money you don’t have. Follow along…

I’ve never been one to shy away from a challenge or approaching the hottest girl at the bar. I’ve always been able to pick up girls but I wanted to test this guys stuff anyway just to see what the outcome would be. Would I land more girls on a consistent basis than before? I was willing to try and be the guinea pig for you all. The results were pretty amazing so I’m going to break it down step by step and tell you what I did.

First of all, when you’re approaching a girl you can’t be like every other guy that’s tried to hit on her that night. Start the conversation off by asking her if she saw that crazy fight outside that just happened. What ever you do, DON’T tell her how beautiful she is! Every other guys tried that before you and it got them no where. Next, don’t waste anytime after your opened, roll right into an interesting story or grab her hand and twirl her around. You’re the man in this situation and you’re positioning yourself as different and better than any of the other guys around you.

Once you’re in conversation with her, don’t be afraid to bounce around subjects. If she’s responding to something you’re saying, quickly change it up and ask her another question. Come back to the subject you were previously talking about at a later time. This keeps the conversation fresh and exciting. Grab her hand and tell her you’re both going to hit the dance floor. If she’s in a group of people say, “hey, I’m going to borrow your friend for a minute.” You want to be cool with her friends, that’s extremely important.

I’ll get into the details of how to seal the deal in a later post. If you try these basic maneuvers your chances of scoring with this girl are going to go up dramatically. How did it end for me? I’m just going to say that there were 10 in 7 days. I’ll leave you to interpret that.

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