Blowing Money Fast in Scottsdale

Scottsdale is an easy place to blow all of your money quickly. There are strip clubs, casinos, jam packed night clubs with beautiful women, fine dining… you get the picture. There are tons of places to blow stacks of cash quickly and I wanted to discuss with you some of my favorite spots to “make it rain”. Please keep in mind that I make really good money at my current profession. If I didn’t make a few hundred G’s every year, I wouldn’t be doing this. Don’t act like you have money if you really don’t! If you do actually have money to blow, good for you! Follow my advice and you’re sure to have a great night spending wads of cash.

First stop, Ruth’s Christ Steak House. This is one of my favorite places to go before heading out on the town. It’s important to have a good meal in your stomach before drinking heavily which is why I choose to come here. I love to get appetizers, sit at the bar, and usually spend about fifty bucks here. It’s really easy to do this when you factor in their drinks are usually over ten bucks a pop and you have to get food of course which is usually going to cost another twenty bucks or so. To be honest, I only spend fifty bucks when I’m having a tame night, when I’m feeling wild it can easily jump up to one hundred bucks or more for an hour or so of great drinks and food.

After we’ve got some good eats from Ruth Christ’s, I like to head on over to Tacos Blancos for a few shots of tequila. I know a few of the bartenders here so that is the main reason that this place is on the top of my list. If you don’t want to spend that much money before going out on the town, this would be a good alternative to the steakhouse. You can still get some fresh and unique cocktails here with a great onslaught of Mexican food to choose from. I highly recommend their chips and guacamole if you only feel like snacking.

Now that we’re pretty well buzzed at this point and we’ve got some food in our system, it’s time to head on over to our first club of the night, Hi-Fi. I only like to come to this place when I have bottle service and a nice table reserved. I would never come here otherwise because the dance floor and bar area gets so packed that it’s just outright annoying. I usually don’t mind a rowdy scene like this but for some reason this place gets so crowded that I just feel claustrophobic when walking around here on a Friday or Saturday night. After a few good bottles here with my crew, I can usually expect to leave here after spending about five hundred dollars.

After I get my bottle service on at Hi-Fi, it’s time to head to Fox’s Whiskey Lounge to unwind at the end of the night. This is a place where you can pick from their find cigar selection and smoke them inside in their comfortable reclining chairs. I usually get a whiskey on the rocks to go with my cigar, and usually spend about one hundred dollars here before leaving. At the end of the night, my total spend comes to about seven hundred dollars. For one night on the town? That’s a lot of cash spent. Do I do this often? Yes, about once every weekend, usually on a Friday. Saturday? That’s another story. We’ll get to that fun night in a later post. The description of my wild Friday nights has been brought to you by my friends at NTS Landscaping, the best Scottsdale landscaping company that I’ve come across after living here for twenty years.

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